Resources for Muslim Children Programs

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Qur'an School Sprouting Education Style!

Recommended Books:

Recommended Materials:

Magnetic Letters

Leveled Colored bags and Reward Badges


Typical Schedule:

5:30 to 6:00  Upper levels receive instruction from Qur'an teachers

6:00 to 6:30 All levels come together to recite Surah Nas to Duha in unison.

6:30 to 7:00 Each level goes to a table with their color only to receive instruction. 

7:00  Jamaat Prayers 

Color Coded Levels:

White Level

Objectives: Memorize Sura Fatiha. Identify the letters in their basic forms. 

Beige Level

Objectives: Memorize Suras Nas, Falaq, Iqlas.  Identify the letters in their different forms.

Lavender Level:

Objectives: Memorize Suras Lahab, Nasr, Kauthar, and Kafirun. Pronounce letters with short vowel sounds.

Purple Level:

Objectives: Memorize Suras Maun, Fil, Quraish, Humaza. Read words with long vowel sounds. 

Light Blue Level:

Objectives: Memorize Suras Asr, Takauthar, Qariah, Adiyat. Read words with Sukoon. 

Navy Level:

Objectives: Memorize Suras Zilzal, Bayinna, Qadr, and Alaq. Read words with Tanween.  

Light Green Level:

Objectives: Memorize Suras Tin, Inshurah, Duha, and Lail. Read words with Shaddah. 

Dark Green Level: 

Objectives: Memorize Suras Shams, Balad, Fajr, and Qarshiah. Apply Qalqalah, Ghunnah, Mad, and pronunciation of the strong letters.  Complete 20 hours of teaching students on the White level. 

Yellow Level: 

Objectives: Memorize entire Juz Amma. Apply Ahkammul Nun, As Sakeena Ahkammul, Meem As Sakeena.  Complete 20 hours of teaching students on the Beige level.

Orange Level: 

Objectives: Memorize Juz 29. Apply Madood, and Tahkeem. Complete 20 hours of teaching students on the Lavender level. 

Red Level:

Objectives: Memorize Juz 28. Apply Tarqueen, Ehtida. Complete 20 hours of teaching students on the Purple level. 

Burgandy Level: Memorize Juz 27, 26, and 25. Apply all Tajweed rules with fluency using color coded Qur'an.  Complete 20 hours teaching students on the Light Blue level. 

Grey Level: Memorize Suras Kahf, Mariam, Yaseen, Nur. Apply all Tajweed rules with fluency using color coded Qur'an. Complete 20 hours teaching students on the Navy level. 

Black Level: Memorize the whole Qur'an.  Apply all Tajweed rules with a standard Qur'an. Become familiar with the 8 recitation styles. Improve voice, and recite one Juz in a second recitation style.  Complete 20 hours teaching students on the Light Green level. 


Haruf Builder:  Use baggie of foam letters to create the Arabic alphabet in order. Start by looking at a paper copy and then doing it from memory.

Haruf Sorter: Use multiple baggies of foam letters to sort letters into in a tackle box.

Playdough Haruf: Use play dough to make Arabic letters or words.

Memory: Use two sets of matching cards with Haruf or words from the 80% of Qur'anic words to play a game of Memory. Be sure to read each card as it is turned over.

Magna Doodle Haruf: Use a magna doodle toy and a baggie of foam magnetized letters.  Use the letters to stamp Haruf on the magna doodle toy. Trace the letters with the magna doodle pen.