Resources for Muslim Children Programs

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Mahnaz Pater-Rov, M. Ed.

Not everyone is cut out to teach, but many who have the drive and strengths that lend to great teaching also lack the most necessary resources.  Education is a changing and evolving field.  Now more than ever, we need to change the way we think about education.  Teachers can no longer just impart information.  Information is already available at the fingertips of children through technology.   We can no longer teach the same way we were taught.  

As an educator, I aim to help two communities that are dear to my heart and have shaped who I am.  The first of these is the Muslim community.  Islamic Weekend Schools, especially, are filled with driven volunteers who seek to impart only their passion and love for their Islamic traditions.  Although they have the drive, they often lack the training or materials needed to run a program that lends to the healthy growth of their communities.  As an American born Muslim, I know first hand the challenges such as Islamophobia that these students face, and I also have found ways to help youth be confident and strong enough to fight the Islamophobia they fight each day.  The second of these is the community of those with disabilities.  I have worked in special education for over 18 years.  To me, accessibility and integration of students with disabilities are fundamental civil rights that we all have an obligation to defend.   I believe that education has the power to change the world, and learning teaching students with differences has the greatest impact on our teaching skills. 

If you are an educator, I hope you are able to benefit from my services or help me network your services to those who need it.  Please check out the rest of this website and feel free to contact me with ideas or specific needs!