Resources for Muslim Children Programs

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It's here! These textbooks tell the story of Muslims in America and Islam's influence on American history. All three volumes now available on Amazon in both hard copy and digital formats!

Islamic American Heritage 
Looking for a way to teach history that combats racism and Islamophobia?  Muslim youth, especially, need a version of American History that is relevant to them.  These stories include the history of African Americans, East Asians, Muslim Europeans, and White converts to Islam.  

Check out the Islamic American Heritage blog and Did You Know Podcast.
These provide various modes for students to learn about contributions of Muslims to American life and history.  They provide great extension resources for the online classroom! 

Unit One: Extension Activities for 
Muslims and The Age of Discovery and Exploration

Unit Two: Extension Activities For
Muslims in the Colonial Days

Unit 3: Extension Activities for 
Notable Muslim Slaves/enslaved

Unit 4: Extension Activities for
Islam and Our Founding Fathers

Unit 5: Islam and The Civil War

Unit 6: Centennial Muslim Americans