Resources for Muslim Children Programs

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Please consider purchasing our new textbook: Muslim Sprouts. This book provides the worksheets, lessons, and crafts that were previously provided on this website. Purchasing the book will help me to continue to provide resources on this website. Jazakullah for your support.

Preschool And Kinder Lessons

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Unit One: What Muslims Say
Objectives: Students will learn to use As Salaam Alaykum, Bismillah, Alhamdullilah, Inshallah, Yarhamkamullah, Subhanillah, and Mashallah appropriately.

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Other Songs

As Salam Alaykum 

(Sing to the tune of, “Where is Thumbkin?”)

As Salam Alaykum, As Salam Alaykum,

Wa A Rahmatullah, Wa A Rahmatullah,

Wa A Barakatu, Wa A Barakatu,

Peace be unto you and you,

Peace be unto you and you!

Unit Two: All About Allah
Objective: Students will describe Allah as ArRazzaq, Al-Khaliq, AsSamad, and Al- Ahad. They will gain familiarity of the 99 names of Allah. (Materials and lessons previously associated with this unit can now be found in my book: Muslim Sprouts Vol. A)

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Unit Three: Stories of the Prophets
Objective: Students will retell the stories of five major prophets mentioned in the Qur'an and identify the prophets by name.

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Unit Four: Beliefs
Worksheet: QiyamahScales (New)
Worksheet: Heaven (New)
Worksheet: Cave Hira (New)
Worksheet: Unit4 Review (New)
Worksheet: Unit 4 Review (New)
Craft: Angels (New)
Lesson Plan: Salat Positions
Lesson Plan: Give Zakat
Lesson Plan: Ramadan Moon
Lesson Plan: Fasting in Ramadan
Lesson Plan: Ramadan Around the World
Lesson Plan: Hajj
Song: Everybody Do This (New)
Craft: Finger Puppet1 (New)
Craft: Finger Puppet 2 (New)
Craft: Decorations for  Zakat box decor (New)
Craft: Ramadan Lantern Ramadan Craft (New)
Worksheet: The Pillars of Islam 
Worksheet: The Five Prayers
Worksheet: Parts of the Prayer
Worksheet: Positions of Prayer (New)
Ramadan Vocabulary RamadanVocabulary
Worksheet: Phases of the moon 1 (New)
Worksheet: Phases of the Moon 2 (New)
Worksheet: Ramadan Traditions Around the World
Worksheet: Ramadan Traditions Around the World
Worksheet: Unit 5 Review

Unit Six: Islamic Manners
Lesson Plan- Be Clean
Lesson Plan- Be Kind
Lesson Plan- Respect the Mosque
Lesson Plan- Respect the Qur'an
Lesson Plan- When Eating
Lesson Plan-  Respect Your Parents
Song- What Do We Do To Keep Ourselves Clean?
Song- Once There Was A Friend of Mine
Song- I'm Getting Ready to Read Qur'an
Song- Listen to Your Parents
Mini Book- Respect in the Mosque
Poem- Eating Manners
Mini Book- Manners of Eating

Unit Seven: More About Allah
Lesson Plan: Allah is the Creator
Lesson Plan- Allah Gives Us Everything We Need
Lesson Plan- Allah Helps Us Make Useful Things
Lesson Plan- Allah Hears  All, Sees All, Knows All
Lesson Plan: Allah has 99 Names
Worksheet: Allah is The Creator
Worksheet: Allah Gives Us Everything We Need
Worksheet: Allah Helps Us Make Useful Things
Worksheet:  Review Unit Seven
Minibook: Allah Helps Us Make Useful Things
Song: Allah, These First Ten Names are His
Song: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star By Noor Art

Unit Eight: Quran Stories
Lesson Plan- The Story of Creation
Lesson Plan- The Story of Saleh and the She-Camel
Lesson Plan- The Story of the Ants
Lesson Plan- The Story of the Elephant
Lesson Plan-The Story of the Spider
Mini Book- The Story of Creation
Worksheet- The Story of Creation
Craft- Saleh's She-Camel
Ant Craft Link-
Elephant Craft Link-
Spider Craft Link-
Camel Color Page Link-
Ant Color Page Link-
Elephant Color Page Link-
Spider Color Page Link-
Song- Saleh's She-Camel
Song-Sulieman and the Ants
Ant Song Link-
Song-Big Elephants Everywhere
Song-The Spider Saved the Prophet
Prophet Stories Link-

Unit Nine:  More About What Muslims Believe
Lesson Plan- We Are Part of an Ummah
Lesson Plan- A Mosque is a House of Allah
Lesson Plan- Christians and Jews are Ahlul Kitab