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Get Trained!

Sprouting Education hopes to connect professional teachers with Islamic Sunday schools to help provide the training needed to create Sunday Schools to have an environment that nurtures children's learning of deen and Qur'an. 

Training # 1 Assessing Your Sunday School Program

Objective: Teachers and administrators work together to review elements of a well run Sunday School.  Sis. Nazzie Pater-Rov will work with your Sunday School teachers and administrators to target areas of greatest need for improvement.  

Length of Workshop: 90 minutes. 

Costs: The training is currently free, but travel costs apply. 

About the Presenter: Nazzie Pater-Rov has a M.Ed. as an Educational Diagnostician and has been an administrator and teacher at a Sunday School in Texas for 10 years. She has also taught at Muslim Community School for two years. She currently works full time in Denton ISD as a Diagnostician, assessing and managing the needs of children with disabilities. She founded Sprouting Education and runs this website, published Muslim Sprouts: Vol. A, a preschool and kindergarten textbook as well as the Sprouting Education YouTube Channel. 

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Establishing Differential Instruction in Qur'an Schools

Objective: Teachers and administrators will work together to structure their Qur'an schools to accommodate for the instruction of multiple levels of several students who are learning Qur'an recitation and reading with only one teacher in limited time frame.

Length of Workshop: 70 minutes

Costs: The training is currently free, but travel costs apply.

About this training:  This training was developed through a combination of consultation with several highly trained Qur'an school teachers and research based practices for teaching children to read.  Qur'an school teachers are constantly challenged with reaching quality while teaching children on different levels in the same class.  It incorporates aspects of mastery style instruction and differential instruction, two ideas supported by research in education.

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